Day 16 – 26/5/11 – Stuttgart > Vienna

left Stuttgart today…
using the car sharing service
travelling to Vienna.

#Deceleration Test Part#2  or travel-chaos with deutsche bahn

… catched the u-bahn from shackspace and arrived at stuttgart hauptbahnhof in time.
but… tadah! all s-bahn trains to the airport (my pick up point) are canceled due to a technical failure. great. 😦

next replacement train is leaving 30mins later(!) than scheduled – thanks a lot deutsche bahn for always failing when it is important to be in time! …arriving at the pick up point way too late. but fortunately the driver is late as well and we found each other – eventually. bit of a tricky thing without a working mobile phone. relief.

(note to self:)
* get a dirt cheap phone for all networks with a pay as you go sim card
* leave 1 hour earlier than you have to, to make sure you are not late…
whatever the internet is saying – the transport might FAIL!

anyway, i got a convenient lift to vienna by a hungarian guy who works for daimler as a car testing engineer for the new mercedes B-class. we had a bit of a chat about what’s coming soon… they seem to hand over more and more functions to on-board computers nowadays, like several built-in cameras checking for instance your lane change and who is hiding in the blind spot or sensors which are dipping your headlights automatically if oncoming traffic is approaching according to the type of road given from your GPS position or helping out with an “extra foot on the brake” during an emergency stop.
even the backing into a parking space procedure is now fully automated – mmm… good for you ladies, innit? 😛

from a security point of view i’d say they should be extra careful and double secure all that new car software, imagine it’s getting hacked and someone is taking over your car…

ok, enough techie-talk.

on the way we had quite funny weather…sun vs. rain crew battle… spray-painting a big fat double rainbow graffiti onto the sky. the inner one even had 2 more smaller rainbows… awesome! mother nature showing off – way better than any 3d cinema hd+ full technicolor. whole-sky, this is it…yeeeah!

finally arrived in vienna… 3 hours later than expected.
(what is that with me always arriving 3 hours later than expected?!)

met my good old friend M. and his brother C. for catching up and one (or two) for the road…

hallo wien! i’m back. 🙂

Travel Time: 
in total ca. 8 hours

U-Bahn/S-Bahn to airport: €3.40
travel by car stuttgart > vienna €35 + the extra lift to the city centre
total:  €38.40

Travel tip:
Budapest (Hungary)

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