Stuttgart: a short résumé

STUTTGART – a short résumé…


high standards:
a modern city with all the standards you can expect from a german major city.
very clean, very safe and most of the time very efficient – very german in that regard if you want to say so.

beautiful countryside – recommendation: a visit to the vineyards / try vine tasting events.

people in general are quite friendly and helpful.
most of the time proper transport, effective showers and good german beer.

great graffiti!


very high – especially the transport is way too expensive!
suggested: 3days ticket / 4er ticket
finding cheap accomodation is also not too easy.

food: (from a veggie point of view)
very generic german food (say sausages), just some falafel shops or asian buffets are worth trying… very limited veggie options.
vegan restaurants? errm, seems to be just one in bad cannstatt.

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