Day 37 – 16/6/11 – Vienna (Austria) > Berlin (Germany)

went by carshare from vienna to berlin.

Time: 13.00~22.00 with some cigarette breaks
costs: 25 Euro

a bit strange but interesting ride with a piano teacher, 2 girls who are digital artists/sculpturists and an ibwl student. lot’s to talk about, got a bit of an insight into the flat situation in vienna and had a chat about the asian students who come to vienna to study classical music. funny as i just met 2 of them during my stay. and even more funny they were not fulfilling the typical stereotype of japanese classical music students/artists.

finally we arrived safe and sound in berlin, i got the key to my friends flat in prenzlauer berg and relaxed with a falafel and the local cheap but tasty sternburg export beer.

on my way i met the first old chap on the road who recognized me from times ago, but for him nothing has changed – he looked at me and said “you haven’t changed – just more skinny.” as if nothing has happened at all since i left berlin more than 4 years ago. 😛

i must say, i had a wonderful time in vienna and miss the city and my (new) friends already… mmm. have to come back soon!

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