Day 39 – 18/6/11 – Berlin (Germany)

£20 > 21.81 @ euro exchange alexanderplatz.

bought fresh kimchi at the asia shop nearby. smelly but tasty. mnyomnom.
after sending a sms to a uk phone from a public phone (first time) heading down to tacheles. not much going on there.
went back home to get my laptop (note to self: a real technomad should always have his gear with him – all the time!)

met a guy from uk with a mohican who is a tour guide for the anti pubcrawl – apart from playing in a band called “el schlong” @ koepi.
oh, what happened to berlin? stag & hen nights, stretch limousines and pub crawls vs. anti pub crawls all over the place?!
adventure tours for all non-berliners with english or spanish speaking tourguides… even street art workshops and for the more daring some night time street art and graffiti raids?! what the …? 😀

birthday party at the local surf point internet cafe near my flat. tried the local berlin cider called OBC with some coffaina which comes in suspicous looking druggie plastic sachets.
he he how interesting. back to tacheles – this time having my laptop with me. spend a euro on the door to support the tacheles but couldn’t find my friend. lost boy in a big city.
passed “based in berlin” bar – made a quick kanji in front of it and said hello to mr. cookies – they are in charge of the bar.
one more falafel. one more beer. heading back home at midnight.

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