Day 49 – 28/6/11 – Hamburg (D)


by chance, (or not?) i found a shop for shodo and japanese art nearby called ars japonica.
have a visit if you happen to be in hamburg…
i had a nice chat with the owner, mizuki wildenhahn, who told me she used to study chinese literature and poems even before the ww2 – giving away a bit her age… apparently, her shop was founded in st.pauli in the same year i was born, 34 years ago…

soon i tested some brushes, and luckily found some which are not made of animal hair.
i’m so happy now that i finally found some…i have been looking for them for ages because i’m trying to live the vegan lifestyle and are trying to buy no animal products of any kind – even no animal hair brushes.

eventually, i just bought 2 of them + a bottle of chinese ink (bokuju).
and the money i spent went straight to their donation tin for japan. 🙂

when i told her about my travels she said “…like basho?” maybe… like him, i just should start learning how to write haiku. now that i have 2 nice brushes and some ink in my pocket… 😉

now chilling with some drinks at cafe may nearby again doing my internet stuff.

last day to explore hamburg with my brother…

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