Day 50 – 29/6/11 – Hamburg (D) > Amsterdam (NL)

next stop: amsterdam

got a last minute ticket at the touring bus eurolines counter leaving 5:45am for 49 Euro.

my brother K. used to buy a cheap train ticket from hamburg > stuttgart for about the same price – fastest connection if not flying.

waving good bye to my brother, then boarding the bus to the netherlands.
ah what’s that? bus driver school? a new driver who needs loads of instructions and is hitting the kerbstone all the time… but he brought us safe and sound to amsterdam arriving at 13:20 …

now walking from amstel zob station to centraal station. and yes, walking on purpose to see more of the city. bought an amstel beer and dam(n)  i enjoy the walk…
loads of lovely old-fashioned bicycles, flowers, boats, canals and more to explore….

dutch language sounds and looks charming – for a german tourist like me.

short stop at a cafe with wifi to go online. meeting later with some friends i met in uk.

met an old house mate who who i know from london, from times when i lived in streatham hill area. he is self-employed and does some marketing. rent him if you need an expert.

later on, jon, another good friend from london showed up in amsterdam and we went to explore the area around the old church (and apparently the red light district) of amsterdam and met at a coffee shop called errm… “the old church”. after some drinks and finding out about the nightlife in that area i could say: drinks are not cheap, off-licences with cheap drinks are something unheard of here and the girls who are charging about 50 euro are looking very pretty in their highly frequented windows.
as a local who showed us around for a tip put it

“whatever you are looking for in amsterdam, you’ll find it.”

and i found my bed, eventually.

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