London > Stuttgart

Went by National Express (eurolines) from London Victoria to Stuttgart (South Germany).
Travel time: Wed 14:00 ~ Thu 8:00
Costs: £43 booking online

it was a very long coach trip via Euro Tunnel > France > Belgium > Germany with lots of stops in between to pick up other people and for a lot of breaks. that means i had not much sleep but on the other hand no problems to bring lots of luggage, so i could go back to germany and take all the stuff i needed to take with me. no security hassle whatsoever. great.

a bit of a strange feeling as usual when coming back to my home country, back to see mom and some of my brothers, eating german food, speaking german etc. failing to pay the trainride in euros at the first attempt…

now after 3 big mugs of coffee i’m playing some piano and arranging dubstep beats in cubase with my brothers 😛

later mom calls for dinner (noodlesoup and selfmade hummus) and tonight hopefully the best sleep since ages…

more tomorrow… good night.

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