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urban art @ shackspace stuttgart #3

yay it’s spring, time to repaint and refurbish… 🙂
just in time, i got an invitation to give an urban art & graffiti workshop teaching the next generation of graffiti hacksters some spraycan skills @ shackspace stuttgart…

here are the results of the weekend:


South Germany, November 2011

Some time has passed and i’m still in Germany. What happened?
Since i came back in September to my home country, taking a coach from victoria station carrying only the stuff i had left off all my accumulated personal belongings and started living with my family for a while… time passed quickly and a month was gone soon.

Hanging out at shackspace – the local hackspace where i started teaching graffiti skills to some members and set up an urban art workshop and at the temporary artist residency in my brother’s office nearby i found the perfect little base for planning the next steps.

As travelling needs a budget to keep on moving i started my new events business called YUMEii Events (little pun in japanese: yume=dream / ii=good / yumei=famous) and registered with some german agencies and started working in some jobs… as a stage hand helping to set up light and sound at events like a turkish anniversary party, booths at stuttgart messe fair, a test booth for porsche’s next car show, marlboro merchandise booths in stuttgart’s nightclubs etc.

So, i became something like a roadie now. 😛

Recently i posted a link to a documentary about a the japanese freeter community done by ARTE. I watched it with my brother and we both feel like freeters here in germany.
Just working a bit whenever a job comes in, living a carefree life and dreaming of the next place to visit and doing the same there again. Karōshi (過労死) ? No thank you.


It’s two weeks now since i left London… time goes by so quickly…
I spent some days with my family recharging my batteries and had lots of conversations about my life in the uk and are dealing now with the situation to be back to my home country again.

Last saturday i did a last minute job as a stage hand at an event of the turkish community in stuttgart who celebrated the 50th anniversary since turkish guest-workers and their families came to live and work in germany. i helped to move sound and light equipment into the building, set up the stage for 3 traditional turkish bands and moved it all out again (until 3am in the next morning.) The line-up and music was rather exotic and not the tracklist i would play or dance to – but it was interesting to hear them perform live.
why not stay open minded… it was a new experience and almost like a day in turkey. 😉

Yesterday i decided to register officially with a new address in Stuttgart and start soon to run a small business organising and helping out at events in germany and making webdesign, flyers etc. to raise some money for the next journeys.

And apart from that i’ll keep on doing my art and music on the side and really need to brush up some skills in FL10, HTML5, CSS3 and Kanji. keep on reminding me and ask for some updates… 😛 i’ll keep on posting here and on twitter.

My next stops are:
Vienna  – planned for November 2011
Berlin – definitely in 2011

Tokyo – End of Dec 2011/Jan 2012
meeting lots of friends and hopefully the tokyo hackspace and peaceboat to help out with some volunteering in tohoku

Taiwan – 2012
Turkey – ?

Bitcoin Weekend 2011

we had a bitcoin weekend at the london hackspace with a lot of interesting guest speakers.

and a bitcake:

Last days in London

Here’s a quick update.
After i postponed leaving London for nearly more than 2 months since i moved out in August i staid with friends and fellow hackers crashing at couches and beanbags around london. Spreading the Club-Mate Virus in London and helping out the VAST Crew with some promoting kept me busy as well as trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and get rid of more of my stuff. i thought that would be easier! 😛

Just yesterday i finished selling things on a jumble sale and made a bit extra cash but still…not all gone. i guess i will donate/chuck away most of the things left.

last things to do in london:

sort out bank stuff, pay some bills and have some leaving drinks with my best mates.

next: take a coach with national express back to germany on wednesday.

looking forward to travel again! 🙂

On the road again…

Moved out, finally! 🙂

I sold some more books and records at a private moving out party in my flat too.
Special thanks to my friends for helping the constantly cash-strapped nomad to get off the starting-blocks. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your new purchases! 

So, what’s next?
Sending off some stuff to germany next week. A fellow london hackspace member would take a box off my old stuff in his van heading to the ccc camp

I’ll stay in London for a bit longer to work for Club Mate and throw a free party with some friends at the Victoria in Dalston.

Day 47 – 26/6/11 – Berlin (D) > Hamburg (D)

had no sleep, leaving berlin by train with 4 other guys travelling with them on the weekend ticket – sharing the costs, 8 euro each.  arriving in hamburg after a relaxed trip of 4 hours which i used to catch some sleep.

visiting my brother K. at the main station who is showing me around in hamburg, passing st.pauli, schanzenviertel, reeperbahn, red light district, harbour, planten und bloomen park, gaenge-viertel and later an irish pub to have a cider.

nice to hang out in hamburg with and having real life conversation with my brother again.

in other words: very good weather, lots of funny streetart, cafes to see and to be seen, harley davidson fans showing off in the red light district, trying not to trip over drug addicts and shaking off touchy-feely prostitutes…finally chilling out with the local astra beer near the harbour and in a park. hallo hamburch.

next stop: amsterdam or stuttgart.