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Day 47 – 26/6/11 – Berlin (D) > Hamburg (D)

had no sleep, leaving berlin by train with 4 other guys travelling with them on the weekend ticket – sharing the costs, 8 euro each.  arriving in hamburg after a relaxed trip of 4 hours which i used to catch some sleep.

visiting my brother K. at the main station who is showing me around in hamburg, passing st.pauli, schanzenviertel, reeperbahn, red light district, harbour, planten und bloomen park, gaenge-viertel and later an irish pub to have a cider.

nice to hang out in hamburg with and having real life conversation with my brother again.

in other words: very good weather, lots of funny streetart, cafes to see and to be seen, harley davidson fans showing off in the red light district, trying not to trip over drug addicts and shaking off touchy-feely prostitutes…finally chilling out with the local astra beer near the harbour and in a park. hallo hamburch.

next stop: amsterdam or stuttgart.


Day 46 – 25/6/11 – Berlin (Germany)

last day in berlin.
next stop: hamburg
travel costs: Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket (39 Euro) 5 x 7.80 euro/person = ca. 8 euro

finally finished the redesign and google-friendly no-flash version of my friend’s website.
coding done by my brother K. (who converted me to wordpress) 😛
here’s the page: >> mpdesign.me

leaving the internet cafe >>> killing time till next morning @ c-base.