Hi there! I’m a graphic designer by day, urban artist by night, and this is my travel blog. I’m an on/off Londoner, like vegan foodcider and some awesome stuff like DrumStepTechno Geishas and Kanji Calligra…fitti.

After reading a lot about the Technomad Lifestyle i decided to try to sell everything i have and start a new life as an art vagabond travelling and painting at places i have or haven’t been before…(And not gettin’ caught…hehe…but paid for it.)

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. yossarian


    we met yesterday @room77 and I somehow got stuck in that other bar, so I never made it to magnet. 😀 Nonetheless, I’d be interested in hearing how things are coming along with the D&B-Bitcoin project (or was it Dubstep?).

    We’ll also have our regular meeting next Thursday @room77.

    To blockchain eternity!

  2. t3chn0m4d Post author

    hi yossarian,
    it’s a weekly d&b party at the magnet club and we are still working on a way to accept bitcoin as a payment option – be it on the door for the entrance fee or for booking in advance online.
    as soon as it is official you would be one of the first we’ll let it know!
    cheers mate, t3chn0m4d

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